Why marketplace?

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It can be a big step for a teacher to join the marketplace. Actually, it can be overwhelming. Your picture and your bio are exposed for everyone to see, and you might almost feel naked. How do you know whether you will be selected or not?

Our goal is to bring a mixture of flexibility and increased earning power to the teachers. As a freelancer and working online, you can work from anywhere in the world. You can move to another country and enjoy a lower cost of living while still making US dollars, allowing you to improve your standard of living. Imagine the exotic places calling your name. You can pick up your bags, grab your computer and go anywhere you desire, while maintaining the same pay.

Imagine spending the day at a beach in Barcelona, stepping inside a cafe to work for a few hours and then going back out to enjoy a balmy evening. Perhaps you’d like to go skiing for a week but still work a few hours when you have the time. If you ask me, it’s the ultimate dream job. Plus, it gives you exciting adventure to talk about with your students.

The marketplace implies that OCTB will make a much lower margin, which will allow you to make more money while lowering the cost to the students. Besides you will spend less time preparing for the lessons, because our platform’s creates personalized content.

The Marketplace creates a dream job you can do from places out of your wildest dreams.

By Vladimir Kovin

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