What is the benefit of typing after the student?

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Most of our teachers already have prior experience and from the first look it can seem like a complete waste of time to be typing what the student says. In this blog we will attempt to explain some of the reasons:

Teachers make more money and less work!

Typing what the student says might seem unnecessary and like extra work. Students appreciate it and benefit from it in ways they don’t even realize. The teacher benefits both financially and mentally as well.

More money.

Yes, you have to work harder during the lesson and have to focus on what the student is saying. After all, it’s impossible to type after another person and chat online with someone else or watch a game in the background. But once the lesson is over you no longer need to think about what to assign a student as homework or what to cover during the next lesson. The platform generates all of that automatically. This lessens unpaid planning time for the lessons and frees up more time to actually earn money.

It’s hard to keep the students entertained, always coming up with fun and new material. However, thanks to our platform, all you need to do is show up. Yes, work a little extra while you are with the student, but leave everything else to the platform. You will be able to see what the student has been able to retain after the lesson during the homework phase. The next lesson, continue from where they’ve left off.


Let’s face it, sometimes your schedule changes or students want to study at different hours and the schedules just don’t match up. With the help of our platform, a new teacher can pick up from where the previous teacher left off. This makes the transition smooth from one teacher to the next.

Finally… Better Teaching Opportunties

Typing helps you, the teacher, better understand the words, phrases, and parts of speech where the student struggles. If you type the same mistake several times in one lesson, you can address the problem sooner than if you had not seen it as your fingers brought it to your attention.

Is typing while listening and speaking more difficult than simply listening alone? Of course. Does it make a significant difference? Absolutely!

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